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Vuhl 05RR is a Mexican monster for the track

Mexican manufacturer Vuhl has announced a track version of the 05 known as the 05RR, which boasts a power-to-weight ratio usually enjoyed by hypercars.

The Vuhl 05RR is based on the 05, which was designed to take on the likes of the KTM and Radical. It features an incredibly lightweight body and the 2.3-litre EcoBoost engine used in the Ford Focus RS.

In the case of the Vuhl 05RR, the engine has been tuned to 385bhp and the body is now made of carbon fibre, bringing the kerb weight down to 640kg before fluids are taken into account and 675 after ─ 20kg lighter than the 05. No wonder, then, the 600bhp per tonne ratio gives it astonishing performance.

0-62mph comes and goes 2.7 seconds (0.7 seconds faster than the 05), putting it on a par with a Ferrari LaFerrari, while torque is an equally healthy 500Nm. Top speed comes in at 158mph, which seems low but then this is a car that cares more about getting there quickly. 100-0kmh happens in less than 30 metres.

The Vuhl 05RR has Bilstein two-way adjustable dampers with high rate Eibach springs, an adjustable rear wing and Alcon four-pot calipers to help tame the pace. Gear changes are the job of a Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox.

The inside of the car, meanwhile, is covered in a water resistant Dinamica suede and there is a 330mm quick release steering wheel. An optional carbon fibre bucket seat is available for extra money, in case you want to compliment the lightweight BST carbon fibre wheels.

Like the 05, there is no windscreen and so you may be able to physically feel the aerodynamic revisions Vuhl (pronounced ‘vool’) has made to the RR version, including the addition of that new rear wing, 50mm lower ride height and F1-inspired diffuser strakes.

Amazingly, the Vuhl 05RR is fully road legal so there’s no need to stick it on a trailer in between track days. No word on a price, but expect it to belittle the 05, which costs from £60,000.


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