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VW e-Golf and e-Up to spark interest in Frankfurt

Volkswagen has announced plans to debut an electric Golf alongside the already announced e-Up at the Frankfurt motor show in September.

The e-Golf’s power will come from a 114bhp electric motor that will take the car quietly from 0 to 62mph in 10.4 seconds. Torque is quoted as being 270Nm ─ 39Nm more than the 1.6 TDI 90PS diesel.

The e-Up, which sounds like a Northern English greeting, will get a smaller electric motor more suited to its city car dimensions. It produces 81bhp and is given juice from a lithium-ion battery hidden under the seats. 

While less powerful, the 210Nm torque output is more than twice that of the petrol 1.0-litre.

The e-Up maxes out at 81mph, while its e-Golf brother is limited to 87mph.

Neither car is likely to worry the Tesla Roadster where range is concerned, but both should cope fine with all but the longest commutes. The e-Golf will allegedly travel 118 miles before it dies a death, while the e-Up will go 99 miles.

VW says the e-Up can be recharged to 80 per cent of its capacity in 30 minutes using a high-powered charger, although a full charge takes around five and a half hours – about two and a half hours less than a full charge for the e-Golf.

Both models get bspoke alloy wheels, slightly different bumpers that incorporate LED day-running lights, blue exterior trim including a unique badge and, in the case of the e-Golf, full LED headlights.

Orders are expected to open in the Autumn of 2013, with both models silently rolling off the production in early 2014.


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