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Want a BMW i8? Form an orderly queue. For nearly a year

Consumers must be partial to BMW’s latest creation because it sold out in a mere two weeks, according to a report. BMW says there is now up to a 10-month waiting list for the i8 hybrid.

The ‘i’ showroom at BMW Park Lane is where the most i8 hybrids have sold, with 170 orders lodged over the fortnight period. Such is the popularity, the sales manager of the store keeps rejecting offers to buy the display car in the showroom.

Speaking to the Telegraph newspaper, showroom manager Peter Adams said: “We’ve had numerous people asking to buy the display car. Many have said to me: name your price.” The total number of sales is unknown, but BMW confirmed current allocation is booked up until April 2015.

Hybrids are hardly the trendiest of vehicles, but the 2+2 BMW i8 is no Toyota Prius. It’s a £100,000 supercar that combines a 96kWh electric motor with a three-cylinder turbocharged petrol borrowed from the new Mini to great effect.

A healthy 362hp and the use of lightweight carbon fibre helps the BMW i8 reach 0 to 62mph in 4.4 seconds – a tenth of a second faster than a Audi R8 V8 – before topping out at an electronically limited 155mph. 

Speed is only half of the story. CO2 emissions are a mere 49g/km and fuel economy is 135mpg, making the i8 incredibly cheap to run and exempt from the London congestion charge. It can do 22 miles on battery power alone so there’s no need to waste fuel unnecessarily. 

The VW XL1 is another supercar that takes being green very seriously. It can manage an astonishing 313mpg. Only the all-electric Tesla Model S, which can do 310 miles on a single charge and hit 0 to 62mph in less than five seconds, comes close.

The i8 represents the pricier end of the spectum, with BMW’s i3 supermini offering electric motoring and similarly futuristic styling for less than a third of the price.

The BMW i8 starts from £94,845. You can feast your eyes on our video review below. 

BMW i8 video review


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