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Watch a 700hp Honda Civic smash itself up

Life is prone to throwing unexpected events at you without any warning and proof of that is a video on YouTube of a highly modified Honda Civic going out for a spin.

The video starts with the American driver blasting along, showing that 700hp and tyres are a bad mix. He then pulls up at the lights and moves away gently, before putting pedal to metal, causing the wheels to spin in 1st, 2nd and third gear.

Ignoring the driving on public roads like he had replaced his brain with a cauliflower, the video is fairly mundane. Until, that is, 50 seconds in and suddenly it all goes a bit wrong for the driver and passengers. Exactly what happens is unclear, but it’s pretty terrifying for all involved.

We’ll let you watch the video for the surprise, but we warn you now the YouTube video title of ‘700hp Civic destroys itself’ is a bit misleading. Enjoy.

700hp Civic destroys itself video


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