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Watch a dancing blonde girl cause a car crash

Ever taken our eyes off the road and put them onto an attractive pedestrian for a tad too long? You’re not alone. But you probably avoided causing a three-car pile-up.

Not this motorist, though, who failed to stop in time ─ because he had been busy checking out an unnamed blond lady who fancied a quick dance by the road (as you do).

In fact, the only thing shorter than her shorts was the stopping distance of the cars as all three all piled into each other, creating YouTube gold and the cringe-worthy sounds of crunching metal and breaking glass.

Reports say the girl had been making her way to a local carnival in Brazil with friends, one of which filmed the girl dancing on her smartphone. After the crash the same girl can be heard saying: “Uh oh.”

It is unclear if anyone was hurt and if local police have investigated the incident. We doubt any of the drivers involved will be in too much of a rush to come forward though, given how awkward it would be explaining that to an insurer ─ not to mention their other halves.

Eyes on the prize, folks. The prize being the road ahead, obviously.

Video: Girl in sexy outfit causes a car accident


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