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Watch a TT racer narrowly avoid hitting a rider after epic crash

A video has emerged of a rider coming within inches of riding over a fellow TT racer who had crashed at the 37.73-mile Isle of Man circuit.

A point-of-view camera mounted on the front of TT rider Horst Saiger shows him in hot pursuit of fellow racer Jamie Cowton while blasting along the famous Isle of Man motorbike race circuit that is comprised public roads.

Both racers are making the most dangerous motorsport in the world look easy. For a second Cowton disappears around the corner, leaving Austrian rider Saiger unable to see what was about to happen.

Only when Saiger enters the corner does he notice Cowton is now tangled up with his bike that is skidding along the tarmac at great speed. Unable to do too much, Saiger applies the brakes and heads towards the left side of the road.

Luckily this is enough for Saiger to squeeze himself and his Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R through a very narrow gap, allowing him to avoid driving over the bike or Cowton, which would have led to another crash and potentially life-threatening injuries for both riders.

The crash took place during the RL360 Quantum Superstock race in the McGuinness corner. Cowton was able to walk away with just a few scratches and bruises, while Saiger ended up in 13th position – a personal best.

Although Cowton and Saiger were lucky, four riders have now died at the 2016 TT, including 58-year-old motorcycle dealer Ian Bell and 32-year-old Andrew Soar, who had only made his TT debut in 2015.

Michael Dunlop set a record for the fastest outright speed with an average of 133mph while riding onboard his BMW S1000RR. Meanwhile Mark Higgins set a new record for lapping the Snaefell course in a modified Subaru WRX STI.

Video: TT crash – James Cowton and Horst Saiger point-of-view


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