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Watch a young boy tow his dad home in an electric toy car

Being a dad usually involves a lot of driving the family around, so you can forgive one father for letting his son do the job for him.

A YouTube video shows a young boy driving along in an electric toy car while towing his father, who is sitting on a wooden cart with a seat attached, through the streets of Bognor Regis in West Sussex.

Witness 47-year-old train ticket inspector Wayne Nuttall said to the Daily Mail: “I was having a pint in my social club and popped out to have a cigarette. I looked across the road and saw this little chap driving his dad home.”

Before you get health and safety involved, it turns out the dad was in full control the whole time. “I have since been told the dad and son had been in the local carnival procession the previous day,” Nuttall said.

“It seems the car was based on a mobility scooter, which he had converted for £250. In the video you can see that the dad has a remote control in his hand and is controlling it” he added.

Video: Hilarious video shows boy towing his dad in a mini car


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