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Watch Bubba Watson’s hovercraft golf buggy in action

Golf carts are pretty rubbish for the most part, which is a surprise seeing as the majority of golfers have a fair few quid available to spruce them up. Luckily, not all the sport’s protagonists are as tight with their wedge. One 34-year-old golf pro, Bubba Watson, has teamed up with Oakley to design his very own golf buggy based on a hovercraft.

Bubba’s BW1 Hover started life as a golf cart, but has been modified with hovercraft undergubbins that help it traverse almost any terrain. It can make its way across sand and even water hazards, negotiating short cuts across the course in a faction of the time standard buggies could. And because the bonkers golf craft has a footprint pressure approximately 33 times less than a human foot, it can glide its way across greens without molesting so much as a blade of grass.

The only small issue is the fact it’s a tiny bit loud, but hey – anything that spices up the putting green is good in our books.

“I see a lot of stares, a lot of laugths and then they actually see how efficient it is,” commented Watson. “It’s going to get more people involved. They’re going to want to drive the hovercraft and not play golf but that’s how I got started – driving a golf cart and then golf got in the way.”

See it action for yourself in the video below.

Via: Top Gear


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