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Watch: Dying car alarm video goes viral

A car alarm may seem an unlikely viral ingredient, but this is the internet and stranger things have happened so perhaps it’s not all that surprising a video of one is quickly becoming a hit.

The YouTube video shows a dying car alarm going off in a car park, footage of which was captured by YouTuber Fizz Zix. He then noticed it sounded a bit like a melody.

With a bit of spare time on his hands, the YouTuber decided to turn it into a song. “I think someone’s car battery was dying and the alarm started flipping out. It started to grow on me,” he said. 

There was really only one thing left to do. Add a dubstep/trap beat (the kids will know what that is), upload the result on the interweb and wait for the masses to flock to it like the rich to offshore tax havens.

Since being uploaded on the 5th of April 2016, the ‘dying car alarm drops a beat’ has amassed nearly 200,000 hits, 3,300 likes and just 22 dislikes.

Naturally, the internet has been quick to heap praise on the car alarm, the make and model of which it belongs to unknown. One commenter said: “That car is making better music than most artists today. That’s so sad.” 

Another added: “Freshest beat of 2016.” Others have called for a rap and a metal version of the song, adding to the ‘extended version’ that has already been uploaded.

There’s really not a lot else to say other than watch it and prepare to hear it as someone’s ringtone in the near future. You have been warned.

Video: Dying car alarm drops a beat


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