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Watch New Zealand’s amusing don’t text and drive safety campaign

New Zealand is taking a comedic approach to preventing drivers from using their phones while driving as part of a new safety campaign.

Rather than scaring motorists with depressing videos of death and crashes, an approach taken by the UK’s Think! campaigns, the New Zealand Transport Agency created a video that makes drivers think twice – or risk creating unwanted sexual tension. 

The video shows a phone going off for a number of drivers, who then each reach over to grab their phone while at the wheel. But instead of answering a call or reading a text, a passenger puts their hand in the way. 

The result is a series of awkward moments where the driver unwillingly touches the hand of the passenger, with a cover of Lionel Richie’s Hello (not Adele) providing the perfect musical backing to their reactions.

The closing caption reads ‘Put me first, drive phone free’, referencing the fact using your phone while driving puts everyone in the car at risk.

Since being uploaded on the 27th of March 2016, the video has been viewed more than 1.7 million times and has received more than 13,000 YouTube likes. Many YouTubers have praised the New Zealand government’s comedic approach.

We can see why New Zealand is taking a more positive approach to a serious topic. Drivers are seemingly still happy to ignore the law, even though there are numerous hard-hitting safety adverts out there. Humour might just be the answer.

Even if not, it’s probably worth putting your hand in the way the next time you’re a passenger just to see the reaction.

New Zealand’s government is, of course, no stranger to taking a more chilling approach to safety videos. Just watch its ‘Speed ad‘ for proof.

The US has also been using a creative approach to combat texting and driving, with one police officer dressing up as a homeless person to catch offenders in the act.

Now before any non-New Zealand viewers ask, yes they drive on the left like in the UK, Malta, Ireland and Cyprus to name a few countries. So there.

Video: ‘Hello’ don’t text and drive campaign


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