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Watch passengers react hilariously to mind-blowing Model S P85D acceleration

Petrolheads often dwell on 0 to 62mph times but what really matters is how you feel when you stick the accelerator through the floor. In the case of the dual motor Tesla Model S, it seems everyone is more than happy.

Happy is the wrong word, actually. The YouTube video shows how the owner’s friends react to the acceleration from 0 to 40 – and almost all are surprised, terrified and extremely sweary. Seriously, this video is unsuitable for young viewers and sensitive ears.

Neither of those apply to you? Good, because nobody quite seems prepared for what it feels like when 691hp from two electric motors goes to all four wheels in an instant. There’s no turbo to spool or revs to pick up – it’s sheer torque and horsepower from the go.

A criticism of electric cars like the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 is the lack of noise, but as you can hear in the video there’s an addictive whine reminiscent of a supercharger. It’s no V8-beater, you’re right, but better than nothing.

As for the unwilling dog at the end? The video’s creator Raphael Colantonio said he only accelerated gently and added in the whine sound for added effect. So no unhappy quadrupeds here, folks.

A Tesla Model S P85D 85kWh has an estimated 300-mile range between charges, 221hp front electric motor, 470hp rear electric motor and, top speed of 155mph and a 0 to 60mph time of 3.2 seconds – as fast as some supercars. Prices start from £76,780.

We’ve yet to test the dual motor variant, but we were bowled over by the seven-seater Model S in 2014, as our glowing review shows. The video awaits.

Tesla P85D – acceleration reactions (profane language)


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