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Watch Pedro Piquet spin his Porsche race car nine times

Pedro Piquet emerges unhurt after crashing his Porsche GT3 race car in spectacular fashion.

We know you love a good car crash, and we’ve got a doozy for you today. This past past weekend Pedro Piquet’s 911 GT3 car went into the sort of spin cycle that would make a washing machine jealous, after he collided with a rival.

The incident happened on the opening lap of the second race in Goiania when Piquet, son of former Formula 1 driver Nelson Piquet, made contact with Riardo Baptista. The nudge sent Pedro’s car onto two wheels, before those tyres dug into the soft trackside turf and sent the car into an airborne spin.

The 911 GT3 rotated a whopping nine times before slamming to the ground. Miraculously, Piquet walked around with only minor injuries to his hand, a black eye and some bruising. Presumably he also had a serious case of dizziness.

You can check out his injuries on his Instagram page after you watch the amazing crash for yourself.


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