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Watch the new BMW M5 break a drifting world record (and refuel mid-stunt)

BMW has smashed the record for the world’s longest drift with a stunt that involved the new M5 and refuelling mid-manoeuvre.

BMW has reclaimed its crown in the Guinness World Records for performing the world’s longest drift using the new M5, with highlights from the stunt stuck on YouTube.

BMW held the record in the F10 M5 back in 2013, with a total drift of 51.3 miles. Then a bloke with a Toyota GT86 smashed that, with 89.55 miles of continuous sideways action. An unofficial attempt by Jesse Adams of The Star Motoring in South Africa saw the gauntlet rise to 102.5 miles.

Now, thanks to the skills of Johan Schwartz (the driver who did the original BMW record in 2013), BMW is back at the top. Him and the F90 M5 managed a ridiculous 232.5 miles of drifting in eight hours.

Admittedly, the stunt has some flexibility in terms of stopping in that refuelling can be done in the usual manner. But BMW decided that would be too easy, hence why it enlisted its own car-to-car splash and dash refuelling system that it utilised mid-drive on multiple occasions.

In doing so, Schwarz was able to drift the entire time, which is utterly pointless but really quite impressive ─ especially when you consider the M5’s move to an all-wheel drive system (though still rear-biased when it needs to be).

BMW also set another record during the stunt, which was the longest twin vehicle drift (water assisted). But not the record for the longest drift without a toilet break, unfortunately, although it potentially qualifies.

Some of the drifting speeds are quite low so you are probably best off watching a Gymkhana video for excitement, and a few petrolheads may take issue with the liberal use of water to reduce traction, but it is still nice to see the M5 doing what an M5 should do best: Go Sideways.

The new BMW M5 develops 592bhp and 553lb/ft of torque from its 4.4-litre V8, which replaces the V10 from previous models. You can register interest in buying one on the BMW UK website. Prices are expected to be around £90,000.

Video: All-new BMW M5 mid-drift refuel and world record


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