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Watch the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio lap the Nürburgring

We knew a Range Rover Convertible was on the cards after official images were released of it being tested in the Crossrail tunnel – and now we can we see it in action.

YouTube channel Motor1 uploaded a video of the 2016 Evoque Convertible being tested at the notorious Nürburgring in Germany, complete with its prototype paintjob and fabric roof. It shows the car being put through its paces beyond road legal speeds.

Track performance is unlikely to be the most important aspect of the Evoque cabrio (even if a sporty SVR edition ever comes to fruition) so the track testing is more likely there to prevent any dodgy handling quirks that would put a driver backwards into a hedge.

Jaguar Land Rover said it will release more details later this year so until then we can only speculate it will make use of the Land Rover Discovery Sport’s Ingenium engine first seen in the XF, mainly because it’s a great engine but also because the less refined 2.2d was dropped entirely.

We do at least know it will be manufactured at the Halewood plant in the UK. A price tag of around £30,000 is likely given the standard car starts from £29,025.

The video gives little away beside the shape, which we had already seen, but it does show competent handling, plenty of tyre screeching and what looks like a slightly awkward design. No prizes for spotting the new Mini Cabrio…

Range Rover Evoque Convertible testing at the Nürburgring


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