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Watch these drag racers explode in gratuitous slow motion

Everything looks better in slow motion. Even things that already look properly awesome at full speed. Take drag racing, for example, or more specifically drag racing when it goes horribly wrong.

The National Hot Rod Association has released a teaser video, put together to promote the countdown to the 2013 NHRA championship, and its content is spectacular to say the least.

The video features two minutes of American drag racers of all shapes and sizes hurtling down the strip, skidding out of control, crashing into walls and exploding violently – all in gratuitous slow motion.

We can imagine these events will have been fairly terrifying for those at the wheel, not to mention hugely frustrating for the mechanics involved inputting the cars together, but for casual viewers such as ourselves, it’s beautiful and mesmerising.

Have a gander at the video for yourself. You won’t regret it.


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