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Watch these frisbee experts do stunts in the Mazda MX-5

Car lovers often face difficult decisions in the summertime. Do we make the most of the warm weather by cruising in our sports cars with the tops down, or do we frolic in the park, perhaps with a frisbee and some friends, as if we care about other human beings?

Mazda has shown it’s actually possible to do both things at once, by releasing a promotional video that shows a pair of frisbee pros demonstrating their skills while driving Mazda MX-5 roadster coupes.

If you think that sounds bizarre then you’re not alone, but there is method to Mazda’s madness. The video was created to demonstrate the fact the MX-5 has the world’s fastest retractable hard top, which opens and closes in a pretty rapid 12 seconds. The message here is that if, by some fluke of nature, the sun decides to show its face in the UK, you can be sure to catch its rays within seconds.

Most of the action in the video takes place at Longcross test circuit in Surrey. There Justin Foord and Dominic Clark from Great Britain Ultimate, the UK’s top frisbee team, hurl Mazda MX-5s around while hurling frisbees at each other. The pair throw frisbees from static positions, from car to car, bounce discs off the floor, off cranes, and at one point even manage to throw a ‘bee from one doughnutting MX-5 to another.

It’s certainly worth a watch, especially as it looks as if we’ll be waiting some time for the sun to actually emerge here in the UK. Watch the video below and, if you fancy your chances of winning a Mazda MX-5 for six months, then try your luck in Mazda’s competition.


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