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Watch this 677bhp Volvo destroy a super bike

Put a Volvo up against a 1,000cc superbike and there is only one winner, right? Wrong, dumbass. This video has just demonstrated, in no undertain terms, that everybody’s favourite ‘boxy but good‘ Swedemobiles can outgun just about anything if they’ve had been tweaked in just the right way.

We’re not sure who owns this gold C70, but whoever it is has fiddled with the engine to the point it now produces a frankly ludicrous 677bhp. That, as youll see in the video above, is enough grunt to see off the sternest of challenges. 

The first casualty is a Honda CBR1000 sports bike. The pair playfully follow one another along what we’re hoping are derestricted sections of German autobahn, before the Volvo driver pounds the accelerator and disappears into the distance.

Any thoughts of the result being a fluke, or the rider not trying hard enough, are dismissed as the pair go at it repeatedly. The result is the same each time: utter embarassment for the sports bike.

Later in the video, the Volvo driver begins baiting what looks like an Audi S6. The Orange destroyer waits for the Audi to reach what its driver must think is a pretty decent speed before blasting away into the distance once more.

Have a gander at the action in the video above, it’s certainly worth a watch.




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