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Watch this man doing donuts in his living room with a Shelby Cobra

Ever wanted to do donuts around a pillar in your living room while your mates record it on a camera phone? Us neither, but after watching a bloke do exactly that, we’re very very tempted. 

Why you’re still reading this instead of watching the video we have no idea (click the link below, for goodness sake), but we’ll set the scene for you anyway: A man drove a Shelby Cobra into his living room (we assume it’s his — it could be the living room of somebody he hates) and proceeded to do dozens of donuts around it, leaving tyre marks everywhere. EVERYWHERE. 

No, we don’t know why, either. Maybe the living room belonged to a sworn enemy. Maybe his wife annoyed the hell out of him and he finally snapped. Maybe he wanted to commit suicide by carbon monoxide but didn’t want to do it the old fashioned way.

Maybe he’s just about to have some fresh carpet installed and thought ‘what the hell?’. Whatever the reason, we doff our caps, curtsey and salute this man. All at once. 

Via: Carmemes


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