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Watch this racing driver struggle to escape his burning car

Any racing driver will tell you motor racing can be incredibly dangerous, yet they’ll happily risk life and limb by strapping into a cockpit regardless. One driver will be wishing he’d stayed in bed, however, after suffering an very close shave during Friday’s heat at Mahoning Valley Speedway in Pennsylvania.

Speedway driver Michael Stofflet had been hooning his car around the circuit with few issues when, while negotiating a tight bend, he managed to flip the thing onto its side, trapping himself inside. A liquid, clearly fuel, can be seen oozing from the stricken racer. Shortly after, as marshals attend the scene and attempt to right the car, the whole thing bursts into flames with Stofflet still inside.

What follows is fairly harrowing; the panicked driver scrambles to free himself from his seatbelt in order to escape the flames that have engulfed the small cabin. Fortunately Stofflet manages to make his escape and the marshals extinguish the fire before it rages completely out of control.

Michael later posted on his YouTube channel: “I am ok. It happened during the heat, we got it back in the pits and me and my crew got it back together.”

Stofflet, brave to a fault, later revealed that his team managed to fix the racer and get it back on track where it “ran well”, finishing in fifth position overall.

Watch the footage for yourself below.  

Via: AOL Cars


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