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Watch this supercharged truck do a Gymkhana run

Lorries are only usually only good for ferrying life’s essentials across country. But one enterprising lorry driver has just shown these enormous vehicles can be put to more entertaining use by driving one in a Ken Block-style Gymkhana, complete with all the donuts, tyre squealing and death-defying-near-deathery a petrolhead could wish for.

If you see an Eddie Stobart truck doing this, something's gone badly wrong.
If you see an Eddie Stobart truck doing this, something’s gone badly wrong.

Of course, the truck in question isn’t your average Eddie Stobart mule. It is, in fact, a MAN D2676 semi piloted by Michiel Becx. This purpose-built racing truck uses a 12.4-litre Rennsport engine chucking out 1,100hp and a quite ludicrous 5,000Nm of torque, which is four times more grunt than you get in a Bugatti Veyron.

Unsurprisingly, it’s pretty damn quick. According to its makers, it’ll do 0-62mph in less than 5 seconds and in-gear acceleration, from 37mph to 100mph, is a similarly brutal sub-6 seconds. Flat out, it’ll hit 130.5mph — no mean feat considering it’s about as aerodynamic as a house.  

Bex, however, was less interested in going fast and more interested in going as sideways as humanly possible. During the six-minute clip, he can be seen drifting through chicanes, narrowly avoiding metal lamp posts (not that they’d stand much of a chance if hit), slaloming cones and even throws in a few handbrake turns for good measure. The best of these moves involved smashing the tail of the truck through a panel of glass being stood on by an incredibly brave man in a blue hoodie, and an inch-perfect handbrake-assisted parallel parking manoeuvre.

Bex even pays homage to Ken Block during the clip, donuting around another brave soul riding a Segway.

At one point, Bex even locks the vehicle in a donut, exits the truck, has a drink and gets back in to complete the carnage by spinning the wheels until one of the tyres pop.

Have a watch for yourself in the video below. You won’t be disappointed.  

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