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Watch this V8-powered Smart car tear up the drag strip

Want to see a Smart Car powered by a giant Chevy V8 engine? Well check out this video.

Merc’s Smart car is a lot like Marmite — you either love it or hate it. If you hate it, the one realistic improvement would be to pack out its miniscule frame with a massive Chevy big block V8 engine. No, seriously.

Internet legend has it that this crazy custom build is the handiwork of powder coating store owner Mark Cryer, of Illinois. The footage was uploaded to YouTube by Keith Pujahl, who claims to have captured the baby beast’s first ever run out. 

Though not a great deal is known about the project, we do know it’s technically not even a Smart car — at least not any more. The body, with its heavily modified wheel arches, is the only recognisable part that remains from the Mercedes-Benz-built original. 

I think it's safe to say the warranty is officially voided.
I think it’s safe to say the warranty is officially voided.

Sporting wheels that look would look more at home on a top fuel dragster, the car made the quarter-mile in 12.2s in its final run at the No Limit Speedway, Morocco, Indiana. 

The Smart car in its usual guise features a 1-litre engine that does the quarter mile in a positively yawnworthy 19.9 seconds. 

This isn’t the first Smart car to get an engine makeover. The Youtube community have long been entertained by Smart cars doing donuts and beating Ferraris. As for the big block Smart Car, Pujahl has assured the Internet that more footage of the creation will follow as Cryer et al. attempt to make it a 10-second car. 

We also think it could do with a catchy nickname. What do you suggest? Stick your suggestions in the comments box.


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