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Waze for Android Auto: 5 things you should know

Waze for Android Auto is here, meaning you can use more than just Google Maps for your in-car navigation needs. Here are five things you should know, including the pro, cons and supported countries.

Can you keep a secret? Waze is a great app for helping you avoid traffic and get home as fast as possible, but if everyone uses it the effectiveness will drop. So try to keep it to yourself. What do you mean it has 85 million users worldwide?

Anyway the popular navigation app – available on Android and iOS – has come to Android Auto. Known as Waze for Android Auto (see what they did there?), the new app lets you use Waze on the larger, easier to see infotainment display of your car.

Besides helping you avoid the legalities of using your phone at the wheel, there are other useful things Waze for Android Auto can do. So how do you get it and what else is worth knowing? Allow Recombu Cars to elaborate.

1) The user-interface was specially designed

Rather than just make Waze bigger, which would have worked but perhaps appeared jarring for Android Auto devotees, the developer has taken a more measured approach. Months of testing has resulted in a slightly tweaked interface that should make it less of a distraction and easier to fathom.

2) Reporting stuff is easy

We avoid reporting stuff when using Waze because it is really only feasible when stopped (although at that point it is too late anyway) or if you are a passenger. But with the larger button on Waze for Android Auto, you can stay on the right side of the law. Just be sure to keep your eyes on the road ahead.

3) You can add Home and Work destinations

A useful feature on the mobile phone app is the ability to set a home and work destination. The same can be done in Waze for Android Auto, letting you quickly access directions to get you to your most common destinations.

4) Some of the better Waze features are missing

Not everything in the Waze app has made it over alive to Waze for Android Auto. In the short-term, voice control for reporting on traffic and reports is missing, as are beep beep, map chat, petrol prices and carpool. Where Did I Park and Planned Drive is also absent so you will have to remember yourself.

5) You can download it right now for free

As usual, Waze for Android Auto is free. The data costs to use it, on the other hand, will vary depending on your network. The public launch was on the 26th of July, 2017.

What countries support Waze for Android Auto?

Quite a few countries, actually. Here are all of them at the time of writing: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bolivia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Guatemala, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, Russia, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay and Venezuela.

What cars support Waze for Android Auto?

Any car that supports Android Auto should be good to go, although there will probably be some obscure exception. All you need to do is download the Android Auto app and then Waze Android Auto from Google’s Play Store.

Can you use Waze for Android Auto on your phone screen?

Apparently this is a planned feature, but Waze said it has nothing else to share on the matter at this time. So be patient, folks.

What about Waze for Apple CarPlay?

There are no plans for Waze for Apple CarPlay because a certain Californian technology giant is unlikely to let third-party developers provide an Apple Maps alternative. Currently, only audio and messaging third-party apps are allowed on CarPlay and we doubt this will change anytime soon.


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