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West Midland drivers most likely to ignore the Highway Code

The UK is full of awful drivers and most of them appear to live in the West Midlands. According to an AXA Car Insurance survey, forty per cent of drivers in Birmingham admit to breaking the rules of the road, with that figure increasing to 45 per cent in Coventry. The people of Wolverhampton were similarly blasé about the Highway Code, with 17 per cent admitting to swearing at other drivers, the highest level in the country, and 22 per cent admitting to not indicating at roundabouts.

Drivers in the West Midlands appear to be the least concerned about the rules of the road.
Drivers in the West Midlands appear to be the least concerned about the rules of the road.

Of the 2,000 drivers surveyed, 30 per cent of those based in Coventry admitted to eating or drinking at the wheel, with an astonishing 13 per cent saying they ignored red lights. Flagrant disregard for road rules continues as you move further up north. 9 per cent of drivers in Newcastle-upon-Tyne think it’s okay to be on a mobile while driving, while ten per cent of Sheffield drivers were happy to jump amber or red lights.

If you want to find the most respectful drivers in the UK, you’ll need to travel to Brighton and Hove. Just 4 per cent of drivers here admitted to making rude gestures to other road users.
AXA Car Insurance noticed Aberdeen had gone from being bottom of the table in last year’s survey to third from the top, indicating the Scottish are either now much better drivers, less inclined to tell the truth or perhaps a mixture of both.

Speaking on the findings, spokesperson for AXA can insurance Amanda Edwards said: “Rules and regulations are in place for a reason, and that’s to make the roads safer for all. It’s a sad fact that disrespectful driving and thoughtlessness when on the road causes accidents; sadly, sometimes fatal ones. That’s why we’re encouraging people to bring back respectful driving.”


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