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When can my child use a booster seat?

So, your once-tiny offspring is sprouting at an alarming rate, but when’s the right time to switch the little nipper from his or her child seat to a booster seat? Read on to discover the rules.

When can my child use a booster seat?

Your kid can use a booster cushion when they weigh more than 22kg (3.4 stone or 48lbs). For reference, the average girl reaches that weight by the time they reach roughly four years old, but some kids grow more slowly or more quickly than others, so weigh your child to make sure.

When can my child stop using a child seat or booster seat completely?

Official rules state children must use a child seat or booster cushion until they’re 12 years old or 135cm (four feet four inches) tall. When they reach this stage, they can ride around like an adult, using a normal seat and seatbelt.

Can my child travel without a child seat in a taxi?

Yes. Children under three years old can travel without a child’s car seat or seat belt, but only on the back seat. Children aged three or over can travel without a child’s car seat if they wear an adult seat belt. Children are able to travel without a seatbelt on coaches if the coach lacks seatbelts.

Can my child travel in a car that doesn’t have seatbelts?

No. Children under three must be in a child car seat that includes a seatbelt of some sort. If the vehicle doesn’t have one, they can’t travel in it. Children over three can travel in the back seat without a child’s car seat in a car that is not equipped with seatbelts.

When can my baby start using a front-facing car seat?

If you’re using a height-based car seat, or an I-Size seat, they must be rear-facing until your offspring passes the 15 month mark. If you’re using a weight-based car seat, your child must be rear-facing until he or she weighs more than 9kg. They can start using a forward-facing baby seat from 9kg onwards, and a forward-facing child seat (high-backed booster seat using a seatbelt) from 15kg onwards).



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