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Winged Smart ForJeremy given green light

Smart has confirmed it will build the bonkers, be-winged Smart ForJeremy concept it unveiled to baffled onlookers at the LA Auto Show last year.

The car is co-styled by controversial fashion designer Jeremy Scott – who has hit headlines for his vast collection of extremely impractical winged Adidas trainers and sneakers that look like slavery shackles. Unsurprisingly then, the Smart ForJeremy features a number of strange flourishes, not least a set of wings mounted to the rear.

The wings have actually been toned down somewhat since the original concept model, which looked a bit like a motorised Indian chief’s headdress. The final production model has also ditched the propeller-inspired wheels, the eyebrows and its interior has been to down. Slightly.

Gone are the yoke-inspired steering wheel and four-point seat belt design, but the gorgeous white nappa leather and chrome detailing remain.

Three drivetrains will be available, including a 55kW electric option as found in the Smart ForTwo Electric Drive, and a slightly more powerful 60kW Brabus Electric Drive edition. A 102hp petrol engine from Brabus will also be available.

Prices range from about $43,000 to $53,000. Exclusivity doesnt come cheap and hey, if you’re stupid enough to buy a car with wings on, you’re probably stupid enough to spend a fortune on it too.



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