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Woman caught eight times over legal drink drive limit

While some motorists (quite wrongly) enjoy a little tipple before getting behind the wheel, one lady threw complete caution to the wind after a particularly boozy session.

A Freedom of Information request from the Evening Chronicle newspaper of Middlesbrough revealed the unnamed 36-year-old woman was caught by police with 275mg of alcohol per 100ml of breath ─ a little under 8 times the legal limit of 35mg – in September 2012.

It’s not clear why Cleveland Police had to stop the lady in the North-East seaside resort of Redcar at 7:45pm. We can only assume being that her utter state of inebriation may have affected her driving slightly.

As you would expect, police were not exactly impressed by the woman’s disregard for the drink drive law. Temporary chief inspector of Cleveland and Durham Specialist Operations Unit said: “I am shocked and astounded by the high level of that reading.”

“However that is quite a unique and isolated example,” adding that, “I am delighted we managed to capture and prosecute that person.”

Mr Turner went onto explain that sometimes even driving the next day can be illegal. “You really need to be careful and allow the time for the drink to get out of your system before driving.”

Drink drive deaths rose by 25 per cent in 2012 to 290, up from 230 deaths in 2011.



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