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Woman keys over 1,000 cars – and cops can’t stop her

A woman in Austria has allegedly scratched the bejesus out of more than 1,000 cars by keying them, it has been revealed. And worryingly, there is nothing Austrian police can do to stop her reoffending.

A court has ruled that the woman, 35, cannot be held legally accountable for her crimes due to her mental health and the way in which Austria law is structured. It means the vulnerable woman cannot be charged – no matter how many cars she scratches.

Only if she commits a crime that is punishable by more than a year in prison can she then be sent to a psychiatric institute for criminals.

Locals in the Styria region in the southern and central part of Austria have been discovering damage to their cars for more than five years. Cops believe it’s the same woman due to her penchant for keying black vehicles in a zig-zag pattern.

Although she has been implicated in more than 1,000 incidents of keying, including involving police vehicles, police believe the true number was likely far higher, as many motorists don’t bother involving police in such crimes.

“As long as the legal situation stays as it is, our hands are unfortunately tied,” said police commander Dietmar Jeglitsch. “Neither police nor the state prosecutors can do anything at this moment.”


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