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Woman killed, man loses legs after having sex on train tracks

Most adults abide by the concept of safe sex. But some, for various reasons, are happy to take risks. Sadly, while some of those ‘consequences’ can be cleared up after a quick trip to the clinic, others are rather more dire.

One amorous couple flouted the concept of safe sex rather spectacularly when they attempted to do the nasty on a set of train tracks in Ukraine. Unfortunately, there was a lot more banging than they bargained for as they were hit by a locomotive. The woman, in her thirties, died at the scene and the man, a 41-year-old, had his legs amputated in hospital.

The man and his girlfriend “failed to overcome their natural passion when walking home… and wanted to experience an extreme sensation near the railroad tracks,” the Interior Ministry cited the surviving victim as saying.

The ministry has not released the victims’ names but revealed the incident took place in Zaporozhye early on Saturday morning.

We probably don’t need to warn you not to try this for yourselves. 

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