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Woman survives horrific shipping container accident

Rescuers in Zhangjiagang, China, somehow pulled an unnamed lady from this bizarre and frightening wreckage after a shipping container came free on a motorway. If this woman doesn’t play the lottery immediately, she’s missing a trick.

The container, which was being transported on the back of a lorry, somehow became detatched and rolled onto the woman’s Nissan, flattening its roof and trapping her inside. Somehow the woman survived and managed to communicate with fire fighters who attended the scene.

Rescuers called in a crane large and strong enough to lift the shipping container before using hydraulic equipment to cut the lucky woman free. Increibly, she sustained no injuries despite being trapped by the container for more than half an hour.

Eyewitnesses say the woman was only able to avoid certain death by ducking into the car’s footwell, where she stayed until fire fighters arrived. Not that she had much of a choice to go anywhere else.

We’re not sure how she managed it, but the woman clearly has incredible luck.  


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