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Women are statistically worse at parking than men

If you’re keen to spark a healthy argument debate with your wife or girlfriend at the dinner table this evening, you could (at your own risk) mention new research that shows women are officially worse at parking.

Figures released by the Official Driving Statistics Agency via a freedom of information request found women were much more likely to commit driving test faults while parking than men. Of the total number of learner drivers who sat the practical test in Scotland during 2012, 68,217 serious or dangerous faults were committed by women, compared with 52,144 by men.

The statistics also revealed women were twice as likely to commit errors relating to car control during a reverse park manoeuvre. It found the fairer sex committed 3,367 offences, compared with 1,652 offences committed by men.

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“The debate about who makes the better drivers, men or women, is almost as old as the motor car itself,” RAC spokesman Peter Williams explained to the Daily Mail. “These results do apparently demonstrate that there are some differences when it comes to reversing and parallel parking.”

“Clearly, there are some traits and talents that are more prominent in the different sexes,” he (very bravely) added.

While parking was found to be a strong point for the male species, the statistics revealed women were more capable in other areas, with men committing a wider range of faults in their driving tests.

Previous research has suggested women are 20 per cent less accident-prone than men. Men were also found to have nearly double the amount of driving points, suggesting blokes are more reckless behind the wheel ─ or perhaps less able to get out of a fine.

Without wading into the landmine-ridden argument, it would make more sense to base driver skill on ability, not gender. What do you reckon?

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