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Women prefer men in eco-friendly cars, survey says

You may think owning a Ferrari, Lamborghini or some other piece of automotive exotica will make you a babe magnet. However, research suggests you might be better off in an eco-friendly motor.

A survey of 2,000 people by discovered the fairer sex actually prefers a man in a fuel-efficient car, much to the dismay of the 48 per cent of men who think driving an expensive car makes them more attractive.

Those who drive a hybrid or full-electric car were perceived to be ‘conscientious, intelligent and amongst the safest on the road’. Conversely, those in an expensive car are perceived as ‘arrogant, self-centred and dangerous’.

The research revealed men who drive common saloons like the Ford Mondeo were seen to be more attractive than men who drive sports cars because the former is deemed ‘hard working and safe on the road’.

Women also came under fire in the survey, with the ‘school run mum’ labelled by men as ‘arrogant, rude and self-centred’.

“Our survey provided an interesting snapshot into how people perceive car drivers, with the bad boy sports car stereotype still holding true,” Phil Jones of said. “The disparity between men and women suggests that the yummy mummy ‘Chelsea tractor’ stereotype might be having a similar effect on men as sports cars appear to be having on women.”

He added: “While there is no doubt that owning the Batmobile or a Back to the Future Delorean would be a conversation starter if you’re looking to meet new people, in reality the car we buy is likely to make us feel more confident rather than make other people find us more attractive.”

Kwik-Fit ran a similar survey earlier this year that found women were more impressed by safety than speed. A mere 5 per cent of respondents said a fast top speed would impress, with interior cleanliness coming out as far more important.

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