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World Figure 8 Championship racing is the most insane thing you will see today

Want to watch a race that’s both utterly intense and ridiculously stupid at the same time? Say hello to the ‘World Figure 8 Championship’.

As the name suggests, this is a race where participants compete on a figure of eight circuit. Except there’s no bridge to take you safely over your fellow racers, oh no. Instead you must brave being T-boned, lap after lap.

The race goes on for three hours, making it one of the most intense and dangerous motoring events on earth, even if the top speed is lower than the likes of Le Mans and Formula One. Plus there’s no constant left turn like in a certain other US-based race so it’s infinitely more exciting.

The 2015 championship took place at the Indianapolis Speedrome, the first four minutes of which was captured by someone in the crowd and posted on the Internet. It has since amassed more than a million views.

You may not believe this, but apparently no one has ever died during this race. For an event that prides itself on danger and has been reportedly going since the 70s, we would say that’s both impressive and statistically impossible.

This year’s winner was Ben Tunny in the number 5 car, followed by Artie Ware in the number 38 car. Both drivers achieved 465 laps. Third place, meanwhile, went to Leonard Basham and his 463 laps. Two failed to finish and last place went to Ricky Deitz, who managed just one lap.

Check out the video of the race and a view from the cockpit of the racer. Then decide if a figure of eight is maybe the trick to make Formula One more exciting.

2015 World Figure 8 Championship race and on-board videos


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