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World’s most dangerous roads revealed

Not all roads are created equal as an interactive map of the world’s most dangerous shows.

Before you ever complain about potholes again, which admittedly are the bane of most drivers, take a second to be thankful your commute doesn’t involve any of the following roads. Driving day company Driving Experiences has created an interesting interactive map of the world’s most dangerous.

The North Yungas Road, cheerfully nicknamed the ‘Road of Death’, is said to be the most likely to kill you out of all the roads mentioned. It travels along very steep mountains, becoming as wide as 3 metres in places. To one side are drops of up to 1,000 metres. Waterfalls that cross its path add to the fun danger.

James Dalton Highway aka ‘Haul Road’ is ranked third in the list. The 414 mile stretch between Fairbanks and the North Slope of Alaska can see temperatures drop to as low as minus 62 degrees Celsius. It’s no wonder, then, a helicopter travels up and down the road twice a day to keep an eye.

The UK features in the list. Scotland’s A726 witnessed nearly 40 fatalities over a five-year period. Turns aplenty between Strathhaven town centre and East Kilbride and high volumes of traffic make it riddled with accident blackspots.

The oddly named ‘Fairy Meadows Road’ at the base of Nanga Parbat Pass in Pakistan takes home a silver medal, thanks to being an “unpaved and uneven road” with “no barriers to prevent a vehicle from falling off the cliff to a fiery death”. Small vehicles need only apply ─ the path is incredibly thin.

Those who live in the UK are, thankfully, blessed with some of Europe’s safest albeit busiest roads. An average of 28 people per million died in car accidents, placing us second place behind Malta. The research from World Bank said there were 77 vehicles for every kilometre of road in the UK.

The interactive map was created using data from the World Health Organisation. It makes for interesting reading, assuming of course you like the idea of roads that could easily be the last journey you make. Check it out below.


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