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Would you sleep on a Bentley bed? Car firm branches out with furniture range

Love your Bentley so much you wish you could bring it indoors, but worry it might mess up your feng shui? Try this on for size.

The car manufacturer has just unveiled its Bentley Home furniture range that will allow you to enjoy the “renowned craftsmanship and exquisite materials” associated with its prestige automobiles, but without getting mud on your carpets and the smell of exhaust gases in your curtains.

Richmond, Madely & Kendal, Sherbourne & Kingsbridge, Harlow and Canterbury are the five pieces of furniture you can go for in the new collection.

Richmond is a range of armchairs, chaise longues and sofas made from a choice of leather, fine veneer or burr walnut, while the Madely & Kendal is an oval or round meeting table with specifically designed chairs ─ all embellished with the Bentley logo. There’s also the Sherbourne & Kingsbridge leather-coated cabinets and the Harlow coffee table.

Our pick of the bunch, which Bentley says is “an exercise in subtlety rather than showmanship”, has to be the Cantebury bed coated in either leather of fabric, mainly because it comes with a duvet cover made partly from wood pulp to give it ‘softness and smoothness’. We reckon that one’s probably dry clean only.

Most of the furniture is actually rather tasteful. A mixture of ivory, taupe, beige and cream colours mixed with cashmere velvet, quilted leather and walnut will certainly not look out of place in a stylish home or office space.

It may seem like a strange move, but Bentley is no stranger to luxury goods. Previous products include a fragrance collection, a set of skis, poles and a bag, the Breitling for Bentley carbon fibre watch and a handbag ─ all of which will match your new Continental GT V8 S.

We have absolutely no idea how much each item of furniture will cost. Rearrange the words ‘expensive’ and ‘very’ and you’ll start to get the picture.  

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