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X-Factor reject racked up 60 driving bans in 28 years

It’s pretty safe to say most X-Factor contestants are a few sandwiches short of a picnic – particularly those deluded souls that fail to make it past the initial audition stage. Case in point: One Thomas Feely, who not only failed to impress the judges with his awful singing, but also revealed himself to be one of the UK’s worst drivers. 

The X-Factor judges weren't feelin' Feeley singing, and we aren't feelin' his driving.
The X-Factor judges weren’t feelin’ Feeley singing, and we aren’t feelin’ his driving.

According to reports, 54-year-old Feeley, a travelling DJ, has been banned a total of 60 times and has served 30 separate prison stints after racking up 115 recorded driving offences in his 28-year driving career. That, for anyone without a calculator, is more than two bans every year on average, which raises more than a few question about the usefulness of the legal system when punishing dangerous motorists.

Feeley’s worst transgressions include being jailed for five months in 2006 after being found at the wheel while five times over the drink-drive limit. The was also banged up in 2010 for ignoring a driving ban. He was subsequently released (presumably to get back on the road) despite Magistrates at the time having said “This is undoubtedly the worst driving record any of us on the bench have ever seen,” according to The Sun.

Unfortunately for Feeley, his singing isn’t much better than his driving. X-Factor judge Gary Barlow rated him a zero out of ten for his performance in the audition.

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