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You just missed the chance to own a Tron Lightcycle

Ever wished you could own one of those amazing lightcycles from the Disney remake of Tron, Tron: Legacy? Who hasn’t. Unfortunately you have just missed your chance.

Auction house RM Sotheby just sold a fully working Lightcycle for US$77,000 (around £49,000) to a bidder who wishes to remain anonymous, smashing its list price of between US$25,000 and US$40,000.

It features a 96 V direct-drive electric motor powered by lithium ion batteries, so the new owner will be able to glide along in near silence. It also has a computer-controlled throttle, front and rear hydraulic brakes and is said to be ‘easy to ride’ at low speeds.

Sadly, however, there is no light trail emitted from the back but you could always use a smoke machine instead for a similar – albeit more dangerous – effect.

The Lightcycle was sold as part of the Andrews Collection, one of America’s largest car collections. Other vehicles to have some from it include a 1962 Ferrari 400, which fetched an eye-wateringly pricey US$7,645,000 (around £4.9 million).

Supposedly the electric motorbike had only been driven around where it was stored to keep it running smoothly so it’s virtually brand new.

The auction house described it as “a highly compelling work of mobile art that has an enduring connection to pop culture”. Definitely one for a serious fan given the hefty price tag.

Tron: Legacy was released in 2010 and was based on the 1982 film Tron, which starred Jeff Bridges and Ed Dillinger.

Last year a man decided to build his own Lightcycle for a cool US$55,000, only to be told it was unfit for use on public roads in his home country of China.


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