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You need to see the Hennessey Camaro SS reach 202mph

The Chevrolet Camaro usually plays second fiddle to the Mustang, but not once Hennessey has sunk its claws into the V8 muscle car.

The American tuning company released a YouTube video of the Camaro SS, which has been fitted with a shopping list of upgrades that make it the first 2016 version of the car to break the 200mph barrier.

Brian Smith was at the wheel of the 751hp HP LT1 V8-powered Camaro as it lapped the 8.5-mile oval ring that is the Continental Tyre Proving Grounds in Uvalde of Texas, US, reaching 202.1mph before having to back down.

Turning the Camaro into a fire-breathing monster is chiefly done with a TVS2300 supercharger running 7PSI of boost, in addition to an upgraded extreme duty pushrod upgrade, HPE hydraulic roller camshaft, titanium retainers, lightweight hollow stem intake valves and a stainless steel exhaust, to name a few of the modifications.

All that effort (and damage to your wallet) results in a 0-60mph time of 3.1 seconds, a quarter-mile in 10.7 seconds at 129mph, 643lb/ft of torque and a top speed of 202mph – if you own the runway needed to get to there.

Hennessey is kind enough to throw in a three-year or 36,000 mile warranty (whichever comes sooner) so you can have piece of mind if all those horses get a bit unruly and something gives.

You also get a numbered plaque signed by John Hennessey himself, a numbered plaque from the HPE technician who builds the engine and lifetime membership to the official Hennessey Vehicle Registry.

For some reason the video mentions the HP600 pack, but the Hennessey website performance figures come from the ‘HPE750 upgrade‘, which is compatible with automatic and manual Camaro SS cars. We have asked for clarification and pricing details.

Hennessey is most famous for its Venom GT hypercar, which is basically a Lotus Exige with 1,451bhp. It managed to hit 270.49mph in February 2014, making it the fastest road car on the planet, but the run was never officially recognised. Not that it matters because 270mph puts the Bugatti Chiron in its place.

If that’s not fast enough, Hennessey’s next creation is called the Venom F5 – and, no, it has nothing to do with a QWERTY keyboard but, yes, it will be even faster. 290mph is the aim, which is, frankly, absurd.

Whether you like big-old American muscle cars or not, watch the video for feast your ears on that glorious V8 roar as the Camaro blasts past the camera. Petrolhead bliss.

Video: 2016 Hennessey Camaro SS runs 202mph


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