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You’ve never seen a dangerous driving video quite like this

Two boys seen on video driving like they were in the Fast & Furious movies.

You’ve probably seen a fair few crazy YouTube driving videos in your time because the internet is awash with them. But usually these are short bursts of stupidity that end in spectacular fashion. The following video, however, is nearly three minutes of wince-inducing near-misses.

The video in question shows an Asian driver and passenger in a car. The passenger films the driver weaving in and out of heavy traffic in what appears to be a busy city centre, squeezing his car between vehicles while straddling the white line, darting between other road users and stopping within inches of the car in front to name a few misdemeanours.

From time to time the passenger appears utterly terrified, spouting the odd choice British word, but also seems to encourage the driver, laughing after each crash is narrowly avoided. Seriously, there are times when we are baffled at how the car manages to fit through each gap.

Exactly why the duo wanted to film driving dangerously is unclear. Media attention? Just two teenage boys ‘having a laugh’? Few too many watches of the Fast & Furious movies? Your guess is as good as ours. All we know is the boys were supremely lucky not to hit anything.

Watch the video and prepare to be shocked. Then remember to never try this at home.

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