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You’ve never seen a motorcycle crash video quite like this

If you watch one incredibly lucky escape today, make it the ‘Ninja on a motorcycle crashes into a car’ video uploaded to YouTube.

A dash cam captures a car start to change lanes before being rear-ended by a motorbike travelling at break-neck speeds. Usually this would be the start of a tragic story, but a second of stupidity is rapidly followed by probably the greatest crash save. Ever.

The title of the video is a big clue as to what happens, admittedly, but it doesn’t do the event justice. Ninja is an understatement. Just be ready for some loud screaming from the passengers in the car who were treated to a first-hand view of the event, which is said to have happened in Belarus.

Maybe the motorcycle rider really is a ninja? Or a stunt driver? Or Spiderman? At least it seems only the biker’s pride and the rear end of a car took a beating.

Ninja on a motorcycle crashes into a car


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