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Your next Jaguar could be powered by Nokia

Jaguar Land Rover and Nokia have joined forces for the former’s new InControl Touch Pro infotainment system that debuted in the new XF saloon.

Here mapping, which can usually be found on Windows Phones, provides the navigation features of the XF that ensure the driver gets from A to B with as little hassle as possible.

Firstly, the driver only needs to enter the end destination once – even if a cheeky detour is taken along the way. In addition, the XF can learn driving routines, including regular stops and daily commutes. If a typical route is unavailable, for instance, sensible alternatives will be offered.

Once close to your destination, the navigation software in the XF will switch to ‘approach mode’, which shows a street level view of the destination to make it easier to finish the journey and find a parking space.

There’s also live traffic information designed to help the driver avoid pesky traffic jams and go around them, thanks to traffic data from a number of sources such as government data. The inclusion of a SIM-card in the XF means it is always connected to the latest Nokia-sourced location information.

Run low on fuel and Here can even help you find the nearest petrol station, either from their preferred vendor or based on the cheapest pence-per-litre price.

Route planning can be done on the Android, iOS or Windows Phone companion apps and sent to the InControl Touch Pro infotainment system and its 10.2-inch touchscreen, so you be on your way as soon as you get in the car.

Connected Driving at Here vice president Floris van de Klashort said: “Today’s drivers want more than standard navigation or a way-finding app. Together with Jaguar Land Rover, we have developed a guidance system that we believe stands out in the industry.

“It combines the intuitiveness of a smartphone with the benefits of being deeply integrated into the car, with the result being an experience that we believe drivers will enjoy day in, day out,” he added.

We have approached Jaguar Land Rover and Nokia to ask what other models will feature Here navigation. We would hazard a guess it will be implemented on all new cars going forward and that it could become an option on existing models.

The new Jaguar XF is on sale now, having been unveiled at the New York International Auto Show. Prices start from £32,300 for the 2.0d 163PS Prestire model rising to £49,950 for the 3.0i V6 380PS S Auto.

Update: Nokia has confirmed other Jaguar Land Rover vehicles will feature Here software ‘in time’, but avoided being model-specific.

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