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17 BT exchanges get fibre broadband thumbs up: Broadband Rollout Roundup 09/10/12

This week has been positively quiet on the broadband front. We’ve heard naught save a smattering of BT exchanges getting the FTTC greenlight. As well as this we’ve been treated to a technical 10Gbps proof of concept courtesy of BT, Superfast Cornwall and ZTE – a world first apparently – as well as a bit of insight into the Openreach installation procedure.

We’ve no official figures from BT this week as to how many homes and businesses can now order FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) and FTTP (Fibre to the Premises) broadband from the following exchanges, all of which makes for a rather lacklustre roundup.

17 BT exchanges get fibre broadband thumbs up: Broadband Rollout Roundup 09/10/12

We are working on improving the accuracy of these reports – a few of you have emailed or left comments asking for a clearer picture. The honest answer is that right now, regarding Openreach rollout, this is all that’s really available right now. Best bet is that if you see your local exchange listed below, cross reference this with the excellent postcode checker at SamKnows to see if you can go ahead and order fibre broadband or not.

With that in mind, prepare for a very Openreach-centric Broadband Rollout Roundup for 09/10/12.


Brighton Kemptown (FTTC/P) The City of Brighton and Hove (B)
Bungay (FTTC) Waveney District
Chertsey (FTTC) Runnymede District (B)
Devonport (FTTC) City of Plymouth (B)
Dewsbury (FTTC) Kirklees District (B)
Fordhouses (FTTC) City of Wolverhampton District (B)
Great Crosby (FTTC) Sefton District (B)
Hunslet (FTTC) Leeds District (B)
Ilkeston (FTTC) Erewash District (B)
Kingswood (FTTC) South Gloucestershire
Maltby (FTTC/P) Rotherham District (B)
Mousehole (FTTC/P) Penwith District
St. Tudy (FTTC/P) North Cornwall District
Sunbury (FTTC) Spelthorne District (B)
Whitwell, Derbyshire (FTTC) Bolsover District


Castleton, Gwent (FTTC) Casnewydd – Newport
Wrexham North (FTTC) Wrecsam – Wrexham