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1Gbps fibre broadband piped into London luxury pads by Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic has struck a deal with City Nites which sees 1Gbps fibre broadband piped into luxury apartments in Canary Wharf.

29 of City Nites’ luxury apartments, now come with Hyperoptic symmetrical 1Gbps broadband in their rooms as standard. You’re free to make use of the unlimited downloads while not racking up any extra charges. How often do you check into a hotel room only to find that the Wi-Fi sucks and/or is expensive?

The apartments are located in the Lanterns Court development in Canary Wharf, where a night will cost you £137 per room per night. There’s plans however to roll out Hyperoptic broadband to City Nites’ Lehman Street apartments too.

1Gbps fibre broadband piped into London luxury pads by Hyperoptic

Dan Bolger, Managing Director at City Nites comments: “With 1 Gig broadband travellers can be confident that they are getting best in the UK. Following the installation of Hyperoptic at Lanterns Court, we are delighted with the impact it has had. So much so that we are currently expanding our portfolio to include many more 1 Gig serviced apartments in London – watch this space.”

Brian Doherty, Sales and Marketing Director at Hyperoptic added: “In many ways, Canary Wharf is the heartbeat of London, making the Docklands a hub for business and leisure travellers. However, the broadband in the area has suffered with Poplar Internet Exchange being one of the most congested exchanges in the UK. This is why our direct fibre approach is such a good match for City Nites – as it bypasses this congestion and gives the travellers pure speed and an unparalleled broadband experience, making their stay even more enjoyable.”

City Nites also has apartments in Birmingham which may or may not be in line for some Hyperoptic fibre in the future.

We know that Hyperoptic has plans to launch 1Gbps fire outside of London this year and Birmingham, being the UK’s second biggest city, would be a good fit. We’re still waiting it hear back from Hyperoptic on its plans for outside the capital.