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300 Wi-Fi taxis hit the streets of London ahead of Olympics

300 Wi-Fi taxis hit the streets of London ahead of OlympicsTaxi service Green Tomato Cars has installed Wi-Fi in its 300-strong fleet of London cabs. Access to Wi-Fi networks in Green Tomato taxis is free for customers travelling about the city and provides top download speeds of 7.2Mbps and top upload speeds of 2Mbps.

The Toyota Super Prius hybrid taxis, as well as being environmentally friendly, come with 3G Mobile Broadband SIM cards provided by Wireless Logic built in.

“London has long been recognised as a hub for technological innovation. In 2008 it was named the Wi-Fi capital of the world and in 2012 I think it would be fair to say it’s now the free Wi-Fi capital,” said Jonny Goldstone, CEO of Green Tomato Cars.

BT has recently rebranded its Openzone hotspots at BT Wi-fi and Arqiva recently moved to buy Spectrum Interactive, which operates a London-wide Wi-Fi network. Sky has brought Wi-Foi to certain London Overground stations with its Cloud network and Virgin Media has been busy piping Wi-Fi into the London Underground.

“You don’t have to work in the technology industry to see the importance of connectivity,” added Goldstone. “With free in-car Wi-Fi we are able to offer our customers the access they need to stay connected.”

Green Tomato Cars can be booked over the phone (020 8568 0022) or online, though you’ll need to register for the latter option (registration is free).

Full spec for Green Tomato Cars’ Wi-Fi is below:

· Wireless IEEE 802.11 network b/g/n

· Download speed: 7.2Mbps

· Upload speed: 2Mbps

· Security: WPA/WPA2 TKIP/AES

· Wireless Frequency Range: 2.312 – 2.497 (5 MHz step)