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330Mbps fibre broadband: Eclipse first ISP to promise ultra-fast FTTP

Eclipse Internet is the first UK ISP to reveal an intention to offer up-to-330Mbps fibre-to-the-premises broadband later this year.

BT Openreach said ISPs will be able to offer customers 330Mbps FTTP connections from June 11 in most locations where there’s already fibre-to-the-cabinet at up to 80Mbps.

Users will be able to choose from 80Mbps down and 20Mbps up; 330/20Mbps and a top speed of 330/30Mbps, with even the lowest tier getting a guaranteed minimum speed better than FTTC.

Openreach has been conducting trials with several ISPs, but Eclipse is the first to announce that it will offer the service.

Gavin Murphy, internet services product manager at Eclipse Internet, said: “Eclipse Internet is involved in the BT Wholesale FTTP trials. The first trial for the 100Mbps product has finished and we are in the process of identifying people from Exeter to take part in the 330Mbps trials due to start shortly.

“The conclusion from the first 100Mbps trial was that overall the service is good, when it was up and running. The speeds were great. However, there were some teething problems and challenges. It’s a much more complex install than regular broadband.

“Subject to the outcome of the trials, Eclipse Internet is hoping to roll out the service later this year.”

Eclipse hasn’t announced its costs, but it will have to make a profit on a trade price of £80 per connection and up to £60/month (not including VAT) for the 330/30Mbps top tier.

ISPs who apply early can also offer the 330/20Mbps option for just £15.60/month plus line rental (or £24/month without), plus their operating costs and profits.

But there’s also a £2,000 cost for upgrading each exchange or nearby access point to the first FTTP customer.


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