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3D printing turns Philips Hue smart lights into furniture

Philips has turned its smart Hue lights into £2,500 3D-printed furniture as it adds more affordable wireless switches and pure-white bulbs to the range.

The 3D-printed table and pendant lamp were created by WertelOberfell and Strand+Hvass, and will be displayed at the Light and Building show in Frankfurt from Monday.

They celebrate the launch of the Hue Lux white smart light bulb, and the Hue Tap, a wireless web-connected controller for the Hue range that needs no external power.

3D printing turns Philips Hue smart lights into furniture
3D-printed Hue lamps and tables – luxury with function

WertelOberfell designer Jan Wertel said: “3D printing provides more freedom, control and even personalization when designing lighting products. There are fewer boundaries for creativity with Philips hue as there are unlimited options to generate any mood or lighting effect.

“Combined, we have created the most advanced, digital (even futuristic) technologies for a functional, emotional and unique object.”

The pendant lamp (above) can be pre-ordered online from for around £2,500, while the table costs about £2,000.

Despite the art-installation cost, they use the same industry-standard ZigBee control protocol as other Hue bulbs, with the same iOS/Android app, and can be integrated with up to 50 other lights.

The Philips Hue Lux is all-white and as bright as you like

The Hue Lux is a simple addition to Philips’s more affordable smart domestic light range, providing warm white light at adjustable intensity, controlled from the same app as other Hue smart multicoloured lights.

The new bulb will launch in summer 2014, and will be much cheaper than the current multi-colour bulbs, at just £90 for a three-bulb starter kit with wireless hub.

Filip Jan Depauw of Philips Lighting said: “Hue lux offers personal wireless functional lighting, giving users perfect control over their homes by reinventing the dimmer switch”

3D printing turns Philips Hue smart lights into furniture
The Hue Tap switch only needs your loving touch

The Hue Tap gives users a wall switch they can fit without any wires – powered by the kinetic energy of finger-taps and connecting wirelessly to the Hue hub.

Priced at £50, it lets users control the intensity of their lights and switch between Hue light recipes, and will be on sale this summer.

“Hue tap is the perfect solution for users who want to control their personal wireless lighting with yet more convenience,” said Depauw.

“It is more than just a modern take on the wall switch – it combines easy-to-use traditional lighting control with the smart, intuitive, fun world of hue.”

The current Philips Hue range includes multicoloured smart bulbs to fit E10 screw and GU10 push fittings, strip lights and table lamps, as well as interactive Disney story lights.


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