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4G-blocking TV aerial heads off Freeview fail fears

One For All has added a 4G filter to its amplified indoor aerial as the networks prepare to launch potentially-interfering 800MHz services this Spring.

The SV9395 and its smaller cousin, the SV9385, both feature filters designed to block out anything above the frequencies used by Freeview – from 790MHz up.

Looking very little like traditional TV aerials, they both feature multiple patch aerials which achieve high passive gain in all directions, with an adjustable amplifier to boost the filtered signal. 

4G-blocking TV aerial could head off Freeview fail fears
This aerial should be 4G-proof

Read more about the 4G Freeview Fail and your alternative TV choicesThe SV9395 can amplify by up to 51dB and can be placed in any orientation, while the SV9385 boosts up to 47dB but has only a 180-degree field of reception.

Bram Creemers, One For All’s product marketing manager, said: “We combined several patch aerials inside the SV9395 and SV9385 aerials to get the best performance (high passive antenna gain) out of the aerial design. And the technology creates a large aerial opening angle so the aerial collects Freeview signals from all angles easily.”

One For All recommends both aerials for indoor use at up to 24km (15 miles) from the transmitter, depending on building materials and your distance from the building’s exterior. The OFA transmitter distance checker can help with this.

The aerials come with gold-plated connectors (it doesn’t offer any performance boost) and patch cables, and cost £49.99 for the SV9395 and £39.99 for the SV9385.


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