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4G Freeview interference tackled by Televes indoor antenna

Warring mobile phone operators may be delaying the launch of 4G mobile broadband, but TV hardware manufacturers are facing up to the interference it will cause.

Televes has introduced the Innova Boss antenna, an indoor aerial with a built-in filter to reduce interference from 4G broadband signals.

Televes Innova Boss

At least 1.9 million British homes are likely to suffer interference to their Freeview signals when 4G broadband services go live.

That’s because 4G, which can deliver mobile broadband 10 times faster than 3G, has been placed in frequencies next to Freeview broadcasts without a big enough safety margin.

Most affected viewers will be able to insert a filter into their TV aerial cable to block the interference, but some homes will have to switch to another service like Freesat, Sky or Virgin Media.

The government has told mobile phone operators they’ll have to set aside £180m to help with interference, but only for one TV per home, and there will be no help for portable aerials.

The Televes Innova Boss should help portable aerial users, with a built-in signal amplifier as well as 4G filter. Both the 4G filter and amplifier can be switched on or off as required.

It should cost around £25, and is one of several products Televes is showing off at this year’s ANGA Cable show, aimed at tackling the 4G problem.

Fortunately, the launch of 4G is being delayed while mobile phone operators argue with the UK communications regulator, Ofcom, over how to auction the frequencies freed by switching off analogue TV.