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4G Freeview interference test to be launched in York by, the group which is testing the limits of 4G Freeview interference in the UK, has announced that its latest trial will be taking place in York. 

Roughly 10,000 homes will be affected by the test transmission, which could see Freeview reception adversely affected.  Most of the homes affected will be those who receive their digital terrestrial television signal from the Emley Moor transmitter. 

Postcards will be sent out by to residents in the trial area complete with details about how to apply for a 4G signal filter which will in most cases, solve the interference problem.  

4G Freeview interference test to be launched in York by

Read Recombu Digital’s guide to the 4G Freeview FailAs has been the case with the trial in Brighton, will be on hand to provide additional support for the elderly and those with a disability. 

Simon Beresford-Wylie, chief executive of, said, “The testing in York will help us further refine our approach, alongside the tests we’ve conducted and which continue in Brighton. We urge those viewers in York who receive a postcard, and who see new problems with their Freeview reception, to call us.” 

Customers in York experiencing problems with their Freeview reception should call on 0333 31 31 800.’s work has been prompted by the launch of 4G services in the UK. Some 4G signals will be transmitted on the 800MHz part of the airwaves, close to the 700MHz band currently used by Freeview. 

It was once thought that the 4G Freeview Fail would wipe out Freeview for millions, but the tests so far have indicated that it might not be that bad. In most cases, installing a 4G signal filter will solve any issues by blocking the signal at 800MHz (hence the name ‘’). 

All the same, Freeview’s managing director Ilse Howling has called for more testing to ensure that problems are kept to a minimum. is funded by the UK’s mobile networks, who want to launch 4G services this summer, but will have to wait until testing is complete. 


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