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4K Ultra HD media streamer announced by ZTE at Mobile World Congress

ZTE has revealed a 4K Ultra HD set top box at this year’s Mobile World Congress. 

The snappily named ZTE ZXV10 B803 supports the latest 4K streaming standards, including H.265 HEVC format and progressive 60Hz – currently the fastest maximum you can get out of HDMI 2.0. 

The ZXV10 B803 also supports the 4Kx2KP60 decoding capability means it can decode Ultra HD video with the maximum resolution of 2,160 x 3,840. 

In a nutshell, this is as good as streaming 4K media is going to get right now.  

4K Ultra HD media streamer announced by ZTE at Mobile World Congress
4K for the UK? ZTE’s ZXV10 B803 will handle what little 4K content you can find out there

Fang Hui, Deputy President of ZTE, said: “As a global leader in the IPTV market, ZTE offers a complete series of Internet STB products across the range of available resolutions, and is focusing strongly on the development of high-end STB products. This 4KP60HD STB product will help build our presence in the high end market.” 

Neither a price or UK details have been announced so far. Broadcast standards for 4K Ultra HD have yet to be defined, with discussions about audio quality and refresh rates still underway. 

The BBC, Sky and and other broadcasters are working with the DTG UK UHD Forum in order to finalise broadcast standards for the UK. Reports of the quality of live 4K TV, particularly sports, are mixed. Testers have reported that a higher refresh rate of 100Hz, which current HDMI 2.0 connections don’t support, would be preferable for sports content. 

Sky has successfully tested 4K live transmissions at 50 frames per second. Whatever definition broadcasters decide on, this live test proves that Sky’s satellites can handle 4K streams easily. 


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