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4Music, Smash Hits and more land on iOS and Android with Box+ TV app

Box TV has just launched a pair of apps which streaming TV music channels like 4Music and Smash Hits to iOS and Android devices. 

Basically turning your phone or tablet into a mini jukebox, Box+ lets you thumb through 4Music, The Box, heat, Kiss, Magic, Kerrang! and Smash Hits on your phone or tablet. 

There’s an EPG (electronic programme guide) type menu similar to what you’d see on a TV catch up app, which lets you see what programmes are coming up over the next seven days and set reminders. 

4Music, Smash Hits and more land on iOS and Android with Box+ TV app

In a sense, it turns your device into a mini TV station that can pick up music channels. If you combined Box+ with BBC iPlayer, ITV Player and 4oD apps you could basically turn your iOS or Android device into a Freeview TV. 

Music can be streamed over 3G, 4G and WiFi connections. Unless you’ve got a fairly generous data plan, perhaps sticking to WiFi for streaming would be wise, lest you eat into your monthly cap too heavily. 

The Box+ apps are created by Simplestream, the company behind Box TV’s online player which launched in May 2013.  

Matt Rennie, managing director at Box TV said: “It’s clear to all that the way people consume music and TV is changing. We’re super excited to now extend Box TV’s offer onto mobile devices with some brilliant bespoke applications that mean our core 16-34 audience can continue watching our channels, wherever they are. 

“We launched our red button portal and online player in May this year which has seen a great response. The Box+ app is the next natural evolution for our product.” 

You can download Box+ from iTunes and Google Play now. 




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